"New" Perspective
by Troy Dreyfus

Wow… what a week it’s been. 

What’s New #1:  Radio
Monday marked the launch of a brand new radio station in Eastern Carolina.  Actually, the station is one of the oldest in North Carolina, but has been reborn as “Pirate Radio 930”.  The station is WDLX 930AM based in Washington, NC; and we are the proud new owners.  The work to get this station up and running before football season has been nothing short of a monumental.  Many thanks go out to our fantastic staff and engineers that have helped to make this a reality.  It has all happened on the busiest week of the year for us, game week. 

What’s New #2:  Internet Streaming
Actually we’ve been streaming all along, but this week marked the beginning of us bring that “in house”.  No longer is it necessary for our listeners to access a third party for the internet streaming of Pirate Radio.  Now, when you click on our “listen live” icon, it opens straight to your media player.  Also, in addition to the user friendly live streaming, all of our original programming is now archived directly on our website.  This will now be “pop-up free” and updated daily.  We will continue to live stream all ECU games for free until CSTV’s “Total Access” it up and running properly.

What’s New #3:  Disaster
Just when I thought we had problems, or the ECU-Duke game was the so important, I realized just how lucky we are.  Earlier this week our country experienced the worst natural disaster in history.  Fellow conference member Tulane may not have a University to go back to, much less a football season this year.  Knowing what our fellow Americans are going through “down south”, all of the sudden this weekends’ game and our problems seem a little less important

No matter what the outcome is this weekend in Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, I hope we all remember just how fortunate we are, and do are best to keep this game, and life in perspective.

Troy Dreyfus