ECU: The Sleeping Giant
by Troy Dreyfus

Terry Holland finally spoke publicly for the first time yesterday concerning the search for a new men's basketball coach at ECU. Pirate Radio 1250 brought you his entire comments during Tuesday's Live @ 5 program. The meeting lasted less than an hour, but gave Terry plenty of time to lay out the agenda for future for this basketball program.

After listening to Terry speak and say everything one could say without going into specific names, I realized how wide open this search is. It sure seems that he is leaning towards a strong assistant coach to take over the helm, and the ACC is the conference of choice to find one. This decision will be Terry Holland's exclusively. ECU's assistant AD Nick Floyd was the only person Terry mentioned that is also involved in the process. That's not to say the Chancellor or Board of Trustee members could not have input but this decision is going to be Terry's and he has the green light to do what he needs to in moving the ECU basketball program forward.

Terry talked about the perception of the ECU basketball program to those outside of the Pirate Nation. He referred to the Pirates as a "sleeping giant" and said that is what the perception is. I truly believe Terry is right on the money. Not only are we a sleeping giant in basketball, but in football too. Next season marks a new beginning for ECU.

Each sport will have new leaders, with a new vision, and a new attitude.

Hopefully soon we will be able to remove the term "sleeping" and achieve the status that we are working so hard to accomplish. I remember when Virginia Tech was just a "sleeping giant," I wonder what people would call them now?

With new leadership in place, ECU is poised to make a turnaround in both football and basketball. I believe the rough seas are behind us, and brighter days are right around the corner and perhaps have already arrived with the start of baseball season.

Troy Dreyfus