by Troy Dreyfus

I thought this would get your attention.  Can this headline become a reality one day? Do you think I’m crazy?  If so, maybe you’re part of the problem! 

At what point are we going to stop with this loser’s mentality with our program… I’m sick and tired of some fans saying we can’t do this or we can’t do that.  If our goal is not to win the national championship in basketball, then maybe we should revaluate the whole program.  I know that is the goal for baseball, and football, but what about basketball?  Enough with the excuses.  Everybody has to travel, everybody has to compete in recruiting, and maybe other programs are ahead of us, but we still have a lot to sell new recruits.  This is a great place, and a big time player can come here and be a rock star versus sitting on the bench for a year at other programs.

If we are ever going to change the perception of ECU basketball, we need to change the perception of the ECU fans that don’t believe in what the future could hold.  Terry Holland believes that and so do I!  Sure we have not had a great history in basketball, but that’s history, not tomorrow!  Great programs are built over time by hard work and support… let’s start building ours today.  We need to stop letting the lack of history in our basketball program hold us back and build towards the future. 

At some point the decision has to be made to build be a winning program, and not settle for the status quo.  The administration has to believe it, the coaches have to believe it, the players have to believe it, and our fans have to believe it can happen too!!  Let’s set our goal to be a top 25 team, go to the Final 4 and one day win a national championship! You’re either a part of the solution or part of the problem… where do you stand??

Troy D