The Heisman
by Kevin Monroe

Winning the Heisman has become old hat for a specific position group, the QB.  A quarterback has won the last 5 Heisman trophies.

2004  Matt Leinart  So. California  QB
2003  Jason White   Oklahoma        QB
2002  Carson Palmer So. California  QB
2001  Eric Crouch   Nebraska        QB
2000  Chris Weinke  Florida State   QB

Not only have the last 5 winners been quarterbacks, but 10 out of the last 16 winners have been quarterbacks.

The votes are in for 2005 and not only is the streak over, but the right man won the trophy.  The University of Southern California’s Reggie “El Presidente” Bush won the award Saturday night at the downtown athletic club in New York.  The award usually finds its way into the hands of a quarterback or a running back, and even though Bush was considered a running back, he is simply an athlete. 

If he was moved to receiver there is no doubt he could have been a top 5 receiver in the country. If there were no Lyndell White,  he could have carried the load at running back and put up a 2,000 yard season. Then you add in the fact that he is one of the top kick return men in the game, and you have one frightening player.   Reggie didn’t even have the most rushing touchdowns on his own team, but nobody could deny the athletic ability of Mr. Bush.  Not since Desmond Howard has there been a Heisman trophy winner that could score every time he touched the ball on offense or special teams.

There was a time when I had given up on the Heisman trophy.  As a child I rooted for Notre Dame and Florida State. Why not? Every child loves a winner.  My favorite college player of all time was Raghib “Rocket” Ismail.  The Rocket was a 4.1 40 yard dash guy before anyone knew people actually ran that fast.  Rocket could cut on a dime and accelerate like a brand new Mercedes (hence the nickname Rocket).  It was Rocket’s senior year, I believe, in 1992 when he came in second to Miami QB Gino Torretta, and I dare anyone to tell me Torretta was deserving of the award.  Then it happened again in 1996 when Danny Wuerffel, an obvious system quarterback, won the award over Troy Davis.  Troy was the 2000 yard back for Iowa St. who was hands down the best player in the country. 

Forget about them, because Saturday was Reggie’s day and it was well deserved.

Kevin Monroe