Blast from the Past
by Kevin Monroe

East Carolina’s 45-13 loss to Tulsa on Saturday was a glimpse at what the last two seasons looked like in Pirate Land.  This season had been different; this season was a different attitude, a different team. Get up on this years team by 10, 20, or 30 points and they will dig down deep and fight back.  They did it versus Wake Forest, West Virginia, and Memphis each time giving themselves a chance to win late in the game.  Not this week: the ECU team that we had come to despise reared its ugly head on Saturday.

After playing Tulsa heads up for 30 minutes, and even leading at halftime, the Pirates came out in the second half discombobulated. Watching the game from the sidelines, you would have thought Tulsa went in at halftime and came out the USC Trojans.  They ran it, they threw it, and they completely shut down East Carolina’s offense in the second half.  Aside from everything Tulsa was doing to the Pirates, ECU didn’t do much to help themselves.

The turning point in the game came in the third quarter, with the ECU up 13-10, Bradon Fractious got a roughing the kicker penalty that resulted in a first down and a touchdown a few plays later.  Shortly after that, Chris Johnson fumbled on a play where he wasn’t even hit very hard. Those two plays completely took the wind out of the Pirates, and it was at that point, I believe they threw in the towel.

The remainder of the second half was filled with Tulsa running the ball down our throats, and causing the Pirates to go three and out on nearly every possession.  East Carolina had a lot to play for coming into this season, a new coaching staff, and a chance to start fresh.  Most people saw a team over the past two years, which never fought back when the going got tough.  This year, was to be a different attitude, and a better-conditioned team.  I believe it has been, and I have been impressed with the attitude and the conditioning up to this point. Saturday however; was a huge disappointment. Let's hope this Pirate team can recover from this, and finish the season strong.

Kevin Monroe