Morris Foreman

by Kevin Monroe

I have written around ten articles for 1250, but this is by far the hardest one I have had to write.  Mo Fo, as he was affectionately named by his friends and teammates, was a legend at Farmville Central and East Carolina.  Last Wednesday evening Morris passed away of a massive heart attack.  To those of us that knew Morris it was a complete shock.  The one thing we could all tell, was that since his playing days, he seemed to have put on some weight.  That being said, he was still very active, he even played in a summer basketball league that ended just a couple of weeks ago.

Morris was the heart and soul of the Farmville Central Jaguars from 1988-1990 taking their basketball team to back-to-back state championships as a sophomore and junior.  He was the starting point guard all three years.  His coach spoke of Morris as one the best players he had in 37 years.  He was just as tenacious on the football field and had the same affect on his coach.  Dixon Sauls, Farmville’s longtime football coach said Morris was a once in a lifetime player and nobody would every wear his # 7 again at Farmville Central. 

At East Carolina Morris had the same impact on the coaches and players that he came in contact with.  He was not only an unbelievable athlete, but he was a great leader and friend as well.  At the funeral on Sunday more than 25 former players showed up for the funeral, including such stars as Darren & David Hart, Emanuel McDaniel, Danny Gonzalez, Mitchell Galloway, Troy Smith, Travis Darden and many more.  Former coach Steve Logan and strength coach Jeff Connors were also in attendance.  Coach Connors gave some remarks about Morris that were more than moving; he spoke of Morris’ leadership abilities, and his drive to make himself and others around him better.

Morris will forever be known as one of the best athletes in Pitt county history and one of the best in ECU’s history as well.  If we can learn anything from this terrible tragedy, it’s that nobody knows when there time will come; all we can do is live our life to the fullest and make our faith a priority.  Morris talked to his wife before going into surgery and she said he was not afraid.  Just last week he had decided to give his life to Christ and he was at peace. We can all feel great knowing Morris is in a better place because of that decision.

Kevin Monroe