Pinkney's Return
by Kevin Monroe

As I think back to last year's football team I get a really bad taste in my mouth. At points throughout the year I felt like we may be the worst team in the country; but there were times when we showed glimpses of greatness.  It’s like golf for the overwhelming majority of us, we can’t figure the game out, and we wonder why they even let us on the course.  Every now and then though, you hit the sweet spot on the club and you think to yourself, “look out Tiger, I am on my way.”

Watching James Pinkney play last year, I was so impressed with his ability to make plays without a whole lot of talent around him. Sure he made mistakes, he even threw 15 interceptions, but he played hard and he tried to make something out of nothing every time he took a snap. I enjoyed watching him more than some of our previous quarterbacks that may have had more talent.  Then came the crushing blow, that he had failed out of school.  Not failed off the football team (which would be hard to do), but failed out of the whole university.  Your GPA has to be a one point something for that to happen. I couldn’t believe it.

Now the word has come out that Pinkney has worked his way back and may have the opportunity to lace them up in the fall if his grades are good enough in summer school.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  Here is a young man who got the opportunity to start as a freshman in Division I football, and took it for granted.  You would almost like to see Skip Holtz make an example out of him and bring him into camp as the fourth string QB, just like the Dolphins are doing to Ricky Williams.  The sad thing about that though, is we only won two football games last year and he is one of our best returning players; we have no choice but to put him on the field if we want to win football games.

Come Monday when summer school grades are turned in, we will see what the results are and how coach Holtz decides to handle it.  No matter what happens though, the bright shinning star that used to follow James Pinkney everywhere he went is now mighty dim.

Kevin Monroe