Fantasy Sports
by Kevin Monroe


When I turned on my computer to type this article, the first place I went was to check my email. Then I went straight to see how both my fantasy baseball teams performed over the weekend.  I don’t know the true statistics on this but I would be willing to bet that 1 out of every 3 men play fantasy sports.  Only the invention of the cell phones, and TiVo, has had a bigger impact on me than fantasy sports.  With that in mind I decided I had to let the world know what fantasy sports is all about.  For those of you living on Mars and don’t know how fantasy sports work, I will explain them to you.  You become the owner of a team in most instances (football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.) but in some sports you represent individual athletes (golf, tennis, NASCAR). 

As the owner of a team you are asked to draft real players to form this team.  Just like Dr. Jerry Buss put together the Lakers, each fantasy owner drafts his team versus all the other owners in the league and then benefits or suffers based on how your players play in actual games.  Your draft position can mean all the difference in the world in how good your fantasy team is.  The first pick in the football draft could get you Peyton Manning or LaDanian Tomlinson and from there you can build a solid team around them.  Most leagues have 8 – 12 teams in them, comprised of friends and family or complete strangers.  You can join an existing league on any number of web sites (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.) or you can create your own league on those same sites. 

Depending on the league you play in, points are awarded differently.  In football, if your player scores a touchdown your fantasy team is awarded 6 points.  In basketball if your player scores a basket, you are awarded the amount of points the basket is worth.  If your fantasy team scores more points than your opponent, then you get the victory that week.  In the individual sports, you pick a golfer or a driver or a tennis player to win that week and if they do, you are rewarded.  Most fantasy web sites have free leagues and pay leagues. I usually stick to the free leagues and my reward is bragging rights over my buddies.  There is nothing like going to work on Monday morning after you just beat your co-worker over the weekend in your fantasy game.

My father and brother are big sports fans and about 4 years ago I approached them with the prospect of playing fantasy sports.  They decided they would give it a shot and we play fantasy football, basketball, and baseball religiously now.  The fun we’ve had playing fantasy sports has brought us closer together as a family.  If you are a sports fan and you haven’t gotten in to fantasy sports, I urge you to give it a shot.  Playing fantasy sports makes watching sports even more fun and exciting.

Kevin Monroe