Uniform Changes
by Kevin Monroe

Every week there seems to be something different going on in the sports world, making it hard for me to find something striking to write about.  I was informed on Thursday that there has been lots of BUZZ about East Carolina's football uniforms.  WHY?  I personally have no idea, the ECU uniforms have changed in appearance, but we are still using the same colors and the same color scheme.  I actually like the new uniforms, because they are so bold.  When it comes to uniforms, costumes, wardrobes etc. you need bold.  The uniforms look good from far away and also on television.

As a player, we like to look good, but it doesn't necessarily matter what the uniform itself looks like.  Let me explain..with the right accessories, you can make most any outfit work.  Before every game, I would tape my wrist (even though it never really served a purpose) I would put tape around every one of my fingers (when I wasn't wearing gloves) I would wear 4 wristbands (2 on my forearms & 2 on my biceps), and I would roll my jersey sleeves under so my biceps would show.  It sounds funny now to talk about, but I thought I looked good and it made a difference to me.  Whether we wore the purple jerseys or the white ones, it didn't matter, I was going to find a way to shine. 

When I was with the Carolina Panthers, I played with a defensive back named Eric Davis (ED).  ED played for the 49ers in their heyday and was a member of the Panthers when I arrived.  He told me a story about Deion Sanders. (Whom he played with in San Fran)  People would constantly criticize Deion for being too flashy with his uniform, but Deion was convinced that his dress had a direct connection to his success.  Deion's motto was "If you look good..You feel good...If you feel good..You play good..If you play good..It pays good"

You have to love Deion, but there was a lot of truth to what he was saying.  Confidence means everything when you are out there on the football field.  So whether you like the uniforms are not, they are a change, and any kind of change with this current football team is probably for the better.  Long gone are the days when we had ECTC on the helmet, or Pirates written in script across it.  The guys like the uniforms for the most part, but even if they didn't, they would find a way to look good..because it's all in your head.

Kevin Monroe