3rd Annual Pirate GridIron Classic
by Kevin Monroe

The time has almost arrived for all former ECU alumni to strut their stuff on the hardwood.  After years away from the game and out of competitive sports, it's time to once again put on the purple and gold and give 110%.  This time is different though, it's not against Southern Mississippi for the conference tournament, it's for charity.  The 3rd Annual Pirate GridIron Classic is Saturday April 16th.  The game is comprised of former ECU football alums who return home to play a basketball game for charity (David Garrard, Danny Gonzalez, Terrance Copper, Troy Smith, Marcus Crandell & Devonne Claybrooks just to name a few).  This year's game will be held at Minges Coliseum, and there is only a $3 admission.  All proceeds go to help a non-profit organization started by myself and Troy Smith called Future, INC.  I will be on Live@5 today with Troy D. and Ellerbe to talk more about this.
Future, INC. is a non-profit corporation that serves the youth of southwest Greenville.  We provide the youth an opportunity to express themselves in a positive way amongst their peers and others in the community.  Over the last three years, Future has started several athletic leagues, taken children to sporting events, and gone on various field trips.  Every year, the organization has a fundraiser that provides the money needed to sustain programs throughout the calendar year.  This year's event will be held at Minges Coliseum at East Carolina University, instead of Rose High.

We would appreciate your support for this year's event.  The game and other festivities will be held this Saturday April 16th, and we would like for you to be a part of it.  By attending the game or donating funds and merchandise, you can help make our third annual Pirate GridIron Classic a success.  The success of the event will mean more activities and resources for the children.  Thank you in advance for your donation.

Kevin Monroe