The State of ECU Athletics
by Kevin Monroe

Only two weeks ago I thought East Carolina Athletics was probably at its lowest point in a very long time.  We have three head football coaches on the payroll, a recently fired basketball head coach, and a nationally ranked baseball team that started the season 1-3.  I got sick to my stomach just thinking about ECU Sports.   Since then things have been looking up.

The football team started practice on Monday of this week, and though I haven’t made it to a practice, I am told coach Holtz runs things like a fine tuned machine.  Amongst all the problems this team has faced on the field these past three years, they have faced a few in the classroom as well.  A number of players have failed off the team over this stretch, and left their teammates high and dry.  There is even talk that last year's quarterback is enrolled at Pitt Community College.  How far a fall from grace is that?  Nothing against PCC, because it’s a great school, but that’s no place for a Division I quarterback.  Life usually finds a way to keep going, and for every player that lets you down, there are usually 2 or 3 willing to pick up the slack

Basketball will also bounce back, from its latest casualties to the program.  Last year's transfer of three key players really put a damper on what could have been a great year, but I have plenty of confidence that coach Holland will find a great coach to replace Bill Herrion.  With a pretty good base of players returning next year, all we need is a good recruiting class and we should be on our way.  Conference USA will not be nearly as tough next year, with the exiting of several major universities, (Louisville, Cincinnati etc.) and that is the perfect time for us to establish ourselves as a contender in the league

Last but not least, baseball finally got things going and picked up some impressive wins to get there record back in good shape for another great season, and a run at the conference championship.  The new Clark–LeClair stadium is one of the best baseball stadiums in the country and we shouldn’t have any problems recruiting to those facilities.

I feel much better today about Pirate athletics then I did just 2 weeks ago.  I think we are heading in the right direction and, we just needed to get over several hurdles in the process.  Getting our football team back in the top 25, our basketball team back the big dance, and keeping our baseball team among the elite in the country won’t be easy, but we are putting together all the right ingredients to make it happen.

Kevin Monroe