We Believe
by Josh Spence

The dawn of a new era of ECU football is upon us.   ECU football is here, and Pirate fans are ready.  You’ve done it all.  Got the tickets, loaded up on new Pirate gear, and learned the ins and outs of the new Pirate squad.  It’s time. 

Everyone I talk to is excited, and they all think we will beat Duke.  Sure, considering the recent history of the Duke football program, it’s easy to mark down that first “W” a little prematurely.  However, consider the recent history of Pirate football.  Three wins in two seasons is nothing to brag about.  The Pirates will also have to deal with the “bumps in the road” that come with another first-year coaching staff. 
Winning only 2 games a year ago like ECU, you could say that Duke is a team the Pirates should beat.  Just consider the fact that they may not.  Don’t get me wrong. I think the Pirates will beat Duke.  What I’m trying to say is, a win in the first game would be a confidence boost for everyone and the perfect start to a new era, but it won’t be the end of an era.  Through the good and the bad, this team needs our support.  Don’t let one game ruin the excitement this new team and coaching staff has generated, and earned.

The fact is that things are getting better.  You can really tell a difference in the way this team is being handled, and it will pay off.  Skip Holtz and the pirates are on the path to restoring the East Carolina football tradition.  You can believe that.  Don’t hold back on support when your team needs it the most.  And give credit to the athletic staff for bringing back “Paint it Purple Fridays.” It was once a Greenville tradition to wear Purple on Fridays before games, let’s bring it back.  Go Pirates!

Josh Spence