Glad to be a Pirate
by Josh Spence

There is no feeling quite like the anticipation of a new football season.  Everywhere you go, football is the word on everyone’s lips.  The boys are back, the pads are on and it’s time again for Pirate football.  Imagine that, a team wins 3 football games in 2 seasons and we can't wait for them to get back on the field.  A record crowd was on hand to meet the 2005 football Pirates last Saturday, proving once again there is nothing like an ECU Pirate fan.  Another reason I’m glad to be a Pirate.

The past few years have been rough in the world of Pirate football.  Many think it started with a loss to Duke to start the 2002 season.  The Pirates finished 4-8 in 2002, marking the end of Steve Logan era.  The Pirates finished with their worst record since 1993, and had fallen from 8-4 in 2000, to 6-6 in 2001, and 4-8 in 2002.  With the hiring of John Thompson, things only got worse.  Just three wins in two years for Thompson, the Pirates are looking at their third coaching staff in as many years.

So how can we be excited about this year’s team?  How do thousands of students get behind a team that has won only three games since they’ve arrived?  This school and this town live and breathe Pirate football.  Win or lose, a day at Dowdy-Ficklen is sure to satisfy the hunger of any Pirate fan.  We may lose a few during the hard times, but you always have the Pirate faithful.  There will always be those who are going to be there through the rough years, waiting for the day when the Pirates are again winning bowl games.

Fortunately those days may be here sooner than later.  Thanks to the job by Terry Holland and the entire athletics staff, the Pirate faithful have something to look forward to in the new coaching staff.  Holland and company have assembled a staff stronger than imaginable, giving Pirate fans something to talk about.  By signing a very impressive schedule agreement, Holland is assuring that Pirate fans have something to look forward to for years to come.  With schools like Virginia Tech., NC State, West Virginia and North Carolina on the schedule, the quality of competition is there to give the Pirates a chance to aspire to bigger things.  The athletics staff has created an environment to succeed, the only thing left to do is win.  I can’t wait to see how it all plays out on September 3. Man, it’s good to be a Pirate.

Josh Spence