Super Sunday
by Josh Spence

What will Peyton Manning's legacy be?  Is Rex Grossman the worst quarterback in Super Bowl History?  Now that we have our first and second African-American head coaches in the Super Bowl, who will be the first to win it?  The storylines for this year's Super Bowl are endless, if you're buying what the media is selling.

Sometimes with all the hype and fan fare surrounding the Super Bowl it seems the real focus of Super Sunday is lost.  This is after all, just a football game isn't it?  With companies lining up to spend millions for thirty seconds of airtime, individuals paying literally thousands of dollars just to attend, and the mass amounts of media coverage the game gets, I'm beginning to wander if its about football at all.

I understand that it is the job of those in the media to write these columns and dig up stories to talk about on talk shows, but hasn't it gone a little overboard?  Who knows if Rex is the worst QB in Super Bowl history he hasn't even played the game yet.  And Peyton Manning is already one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game.  Losing the Super Bowl, and never making it back won't change the fact that he will be in the Hall of Fame.  Why does winning this game validate any individual player's career when football, more than any other sport relies on the team? has a poll asking viewers if Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday.  Right now 56% say yes!  That ranks the Super Bowl with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July.  What does that say about our country, and the values and beliefs of those living in it?  I guess it says that we really like our football.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just as big a fan as anyone else.  And to my other point about the media, well look who's talking.  The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the most popular sport in the country.  I don't think there is anything wrong with the media covering it, and there certainly is nothing wrong with fans celebrating the occasion.  I just think some take it too far.  Is the Super Bowl a national holiday?  I think not. Will I spend thousands of dollars to attend one game?  No.  Is it a reason to throw a party, and maybe go into work a little late on Monday?  Absolutely!

Josh Spence