I Love College Football, but ...
by Jonathan Ellerbe

I love college football!  But at times I wonder if it loves me in return.  As I get ready for the holiday season and make wishes and wants for next year, I must first wonder about these few questions that bother me about the sport I love the most.


  1. How come in college football the anticipation of the beginning of the season is better than the end?  The start of the season has so much promise, yet dreams are shattered by no playoff and a computer system that only a handful of people can justify and understand. 
  1. Why does college football take a hiatus in December after conference championship games, only to return in late December/early January with only one game that means something and 27 games that mean nothing?  Could you imagine a two-week layoff between the college basketball conference tournaments and the start of post season play?  Selection Sunday anyone?
  1. Why do University Presidents and Athletic Directors send their football teams to places across the country for games that mean nothing and will lose their university money, and then turn around and expect their fans to travel to the game and spend their hard- earned cash to support it? 
  1. If the BCS is the best answer to decide a champion, how come no other NCAA sport I know of has adopted the BCS system? 
  1. How come it seems like only 8-10 schools have a chance at the BCS National Title each year? 
  1. How come some schools in BCS conferences NEVER have winning seasons but make more money than Non-BCS schools that do?  Teams like Indiana, Duke, Vanderbilt and Baylor have not had winning seasons in over decade! 
  1. Finally, if you’re like me and LOVE college football and wonder if it loves you, ask yourself this:  If the college football bowl games were pay per view, out of the 28 games coming your way between now and January 4, how many would pay to see?  Boxing anyone?

These frustrating questions keep me wondering "is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"? 

With all that in mind, here are your updated “Miller Lite Standings & Picks”:

Overall Standings:

Eddie King                   28-16-1
Ellerbe                          23-21-1
AC Casey                    13-12

“Miller Lite Locks” for week 16:

Eddie King’s Locks:
Cowboys +2.5 @ Redskins
Seahawks -7.5 @ Titans
Bengals -9 @ Lions

AC Casey’s Locks:
Patriots -4.5 vs. Buccaneers
Steelers -3.5 @ Vikings
Jets +9 @ Dolphins

Ellerbe’s Locks:
Patriots -4.5 vs. Buccaneers
Steelers -3.5 @ Vikings
Cowboys +2.5 @ Redskins

Until we greet you next week from the Miller Lite Sports Bar, have a great sports weekend.

Jonathan Ellerbe