Miller Lite Locks
by Jonathan Ellerbe

Just say NO!  No to Notre Dame!  That’s right, Notre Dame (8-2) is not deserving of a BCS Bowl bid.  Charlie Weis has done an outstanding job of getting Notre Dame back on the winning track and with one loss or an undefeated season, Notre Dame would be deserving of a BCS bid, but certainly not this year.

Reason 1:  They have not beaten anyone!  The only team currently in the top 25 they beat is #22 Michigan (7-4).  There are only 2 other teams Notre Dame has beat that have a winning record (BYU 6-5 and Navy 6-4).  So what if they played USC close, so did Fresno State (which by the way has 2 losses too, at #1 USC 50-42 and at #8 Oregon 37-34).  And by the way, Fresno State played USC on the road, not at home!
Reason 2:  They lost to Michigan State... AT HOME!  Michigan State finished the season at 5-6.  This should be the game that keeps Notre Dame out of a BCS Bowl and has their coaches, players and fans saying what if?  What if Notre Dame was 9-1? What if their only loss was to #1 USC?  Even better, what if they beat USC?  The Michigan State loss is one that should haunt Notre Dame.  Notre Dame’s BCS argument is weak because Notre Dame lost to Michigan State... AT HOME!  Did I mention they lost AT HOME to a team who finished with a losing record! 

Reason 3: Ratings from a USC/Notre Dame game should not dictate if you’re worthy of a BCS Bowl.  I admit the game was good but if Notre Dame was any other team, a BCS bid would be slim to none and their ranking would be lower in the polls.  There are a lot of good teams with only one or two losses that are as or more deserving of a BCS Bowl including these 3: 
*Oregon is 10-1 with 1 loss to #1 USC (45-13).

*Ohio State is 9-2 with 2 losses to #2 Texas (25-22) and #4 Penn State (17-10).

*Auburn is 9-2 with 2 losses to #3 LSU (20-17) and #20 Georgia Tech (23-14).

Don’t be fooled by the hype around Notre Dame, they’re a good team but not a conference champion (remember they choose to play as an independent with a multi-million dollar NBC contract) or one of the elite teams with a lot of  big wins this season deserving of a BCS Bowl bid.  Once again if the BCS were fair, we would have a playoff system and all this could be decided on the field.  Until then, for what it’s worth, my humble opinion is just say No!  NO TO NOTRE DAME!
With all that in mind, here are your updated "Miller Lite Standings and Picks":

Overall Standings:

Eddie King                   24-11-1
Ellerbe                          17-18-1
AC Casey                    10-9
Ian the Animal              17-19 

"Miller Lite Locks" for week 13:

Eddie King’s Locks:
Jaguars -3.5 @ Cardinals
Panthers -4.5 @ Bills
Raiders -7 vs. Dolphins

AC Casey’s Lock:
*AC Casey is taking Thanksgiving weekend off for a Blackjack Tournament

Ian The Animal:
West Virginia -14 vs. Pittsburgh
Miami -18.5 vs. Virginia
Kentucky +9.5 vs. Tennessee

Ellerbe’s Locks:
Falcons -3.5 @ Lions
Texas -28 @ Texas A&M
Mississippi State +3 vs. Mississippi

Until we greet you next week from the Miller Lite Sports Bar, have a great sports weekend.

Jonathan Ellerbe