Miller Lite Locks
by Jonathan Ellerbe

Playoffs!  That’s right, I rarely run into a college football fan who argues in favor of the BCS system.  That’s why I’m going to lay out a simple formula and timetable for how it can all work for everyone.

#1:  NO MORE OPEN DATES!  Open dates break the flow of the season for fans, coaches and players.  Injuries happen, deal with it!

#2:  With #1 in mind, start the season for every team on Labor Day Weekend and play 12 consecutive weeks (eight conference games and four non-conference games).  Week 13 of the season would be the conference championship weekend.  The 11 conferences participating in Division I-A football would qualify one team for the 16-team playoff field.  Then a committee similar to the one who selects the NCAA field of 64 for basketball will select five at-large teams and seed the teams 1-16.

#3:  From there you have a four-round tournament with 16 teams that begins the week after the conference championship games and ends New Year's Day with the College Football Super Bowl.   

Here’s how it would have worked this year:

Regular Season September 3rd thru November 19th (12 consecutive weeks)

Conference Championship Games November 26th    (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Round 1, December 3rd

Round 2, December 10th

Round 3, December 17th

HYPE WEEK, December 24th  (Not an open date but a hype week.  If you’re going to have a game that could rival the real Super Bowl, you need an extra week)

Round 4 (New Year's Day):  College Football Super Bowl Championship Game  (Just like Labor Day weekend and Super Bowl Sunday, the majority of Americans have this day off work, which means a HUGE audience for the game.  Also, start the game at 6 p.m., that way everyone in the country can see it, young and old).

College Football needs to get back to the basics.  Start strong on Labor Day, finish stronger on New Year's Day and have an Undisputed Champion!  Wow, it makes sense to me……..what about you?

With all that in mind, here are your updated “Miller Lite Standings & Picks”:

Overall Standings:

Eddie King                   20-9-1

Ellerbe                          14-15-1

AC Casey                    7-6

Ian the Animal              14-16 


“Miller Lite Locks” for week 11:

Eddie King’s Locks:

Vikings +10 @ Giants

Broncos -3.5 @ Raiders

Redskins -2 @ Buccaneers

AC Casey’s Locks:

Raiders +3.5 vs. Broncos

Panthers -10 vs. Jets

Cowboys +2.5 @ Eagles

Ian The Animal:

Georgia Tech +5 @ UVA

UCF +8 @ UAB

South Florida -8 @ Syracuse

Ellerbe’s Locks:

Texas -33.5 vs. Kansas

TCU -29.5 vs. UNLV

Texas Tech -24 @ Oklahoma State

Until we greet you next week from the Miller Lite Sports Bar, have a great sports weekend.

Jonathan Ellerbe