Miller Lite Locks
by Jonathan Ellerbe

Who’s next? Five weeks ago there were 12 undefeated teams in college football (USC, Texas, Virginia Tech, Alabama, UCLA, California, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida State and Penn State). Week by week the undefeated fraternity has been getting smaller and now only features five teams: USC, Texas, Virginia Tech, Alabama and UCLA.  As a college football fan and one who only wants to see the BCS crumble, I think there are three good scenarios which can help lead to the downfall of the BCS and create more serious talk for a playoff system.

Scenario One:  Since USC and UCLA play each other in the regular season, let’s hope four teams finish undefeated.  Texas, Virginia Tech and Alabama win out and win their conference championship games and USC or UCLA win out (probably USC since they’re going for a threepeat).  Who’s #1?  I think everyone has an argument at that point.

Scenario Two:  Only one team finishes undefeated.  Who’s #2?  There are a lot of good teams already in college football with one loss right now, which means picking an opponent to play the one undefeated team in the Rose Bowl would create a tremendous amount chaos and leave many teams and fans wondering what if?  And what if the one loss team wins the Rose Bowl?

Scenario Three:  All five teams lose a game.  Who’s #1? Who’s #2?  Could you imagine 10-12 teams with one loss and only two slots for the Rose Bowl? 

There is a fourth scenario that could work, but would be harder to pull off than any of the three above.  TURN OFF YOUR TV!  That’s right, quit watching the BCS games! Low ratings and lack of interest will eventually create or force a format change and a chance college football can be decided on the field instead of through a computer formula.

With all that in mind, here are your updated "Miller Lite Standings & Picks":

Overall Standings:

Eddie King     18-8-1
Ellerbe            12-14-1
AC Casey       4-6
Ian the Animal 12-15 

"Miller Lite Locks" for week 10:

Eddie King’s Locks:
Texas Tech -17 vs. Texas A&M
Vikings +2 vs. Lions
Eagles +3 @ Redskins

AC Casey’s Lock:
Panthers -2 @ Buccaneers
Browns -3 vs. Titans
Redskins -3 vs. Eagles

Ian The Animal:
Louisville -21 vs. Pittsburgh
Virginia -35 vs. Temple
Chargers -7 @ Jets

Ellerbe’s Locks:
Texas -28.5 @ Baylor
Mississippi State +16.5 vs. Alabama
Arizona +10 vs. UCLA

*Special guest pick locks:  Ben Parrott likes: Colorado -11.5 vs. Missouri, Va. Tech -7 vs. Miami, UCF +2.5 vs. Houston & Reid the Bar Bouncer likes:  49ers +11.5 vs. Giants.

Until we greet you next week from the Miller Lite Sports Bar, have a great sports weekend.

Jonathan Ellerbe