BCS Memberships Revoked
by Jonathan Ellerbe

If the BCS is the “country club” of college football (an elite organization), then some of their members need to be brought to a board meeting for a membership vote.  Look at the resumes for Baylor, Duke and Vanderbilt from the 2000 to 2005 football seasons:

-19-49 overall record
-Held scoreless in 10 games
-Two wins against BCS schools that finished the season with a winning record (Iowa St 2005 & Texas A&M 2004)

-9-59 overall record
-Held scoreless in 3 games
-Two wins against BCS schools that finished the season with a winning record (Clemson 2004 & Ga. Tech 2003)

-16-52 overall record
-Held scoreless in 4 games
-ZERO wins against BCS schools that finished the season with a winning record

The good news for Larry, Curley & Moe above is that they can go winless, be held scoreless, lose to I-AA opponents and still make tons of money from conference BCS bowl tie-ins and conference television contracts.  Financially successful by association or utterly absurd if you ask me. 

If the NCAA is not going to have a FAIR (key word) college football playoff for all 119 teams in Division I, then maybe the NCAA should have all teams in college football qualify to be a BCS team in order to have the privilege to be automatically eligible for a BCS Bowl.  I think the three BCS members above do not meet BCS standards and are questionable whether they meet Division I-A football standards.  My vote is to REVOKE Baylor, Duke and Vanderbilt’s BCS memberships.

Just some food for thought…… for Miller Lite Locks & Standings: 

Eddie King 6-3
Jonathan Ellerbe 6-3
Clip (Regular Bar Patron) 5-4
Matt ( 3-3
Tony (Regular Bar Patron) 3-6
Lee “The Statman” 3-6
Miller Lite Locks:

Jonathan Ellerbe
Texas -24 vs. Iowa State
USC -21 vs. Arizona
Oklahoma -28 vs. Middle Tennessee State
Eddie King (2x Miller Lite Lock Champ)
Jaguars +7 vs. Colts
Vikings +3.5 Bears
Packers +6.5 Lions
Lee “The Statman”
Texas -24 vs. Iowa State
Boise State -15.5 vs. Hawaii
Under 36 Dolphins/Titans
Matt (
Bengals +2 vs. Steelers
Jaguars +7 vs. Colts
Bears -3.5 vs. Vikings
Ben (Regular Bar Patron)
Tennessee -22 vs. Marshall
ECU +21 vs. West Va
Va Tech -27 vs. Cincinnati
Tony (Regular Bar Patron)
Wisconsin +14 vs. Michigan
Florida -23.5 vs. Kentucky
Boise State -15.5 vs. Hawaii

Ian “The Animal” (Regular Bar Patron)
Clemson -16 vs. UNC
Boston College -6.5 vs. NC State
Ohio State -16.5 vs. Penn State

Until we greet you next week from the Miller Lite Sports Bar, have a great sports weekend, good luck and Go Pirates!

Jonathan Ellerbe