Refuse to Lose
by Jonathan Ellerbe

The difference between winning and losing can often be the attitude that one person or one team refuses to lose!  When you look back over the years and remember the ECU teams and other college and pro teams with the most success, I would always remember the teams that “Refuse to Lose”.  Those teams no matter the score, the circumstances, the odds, the weather, the travel, ect…. would figure out a way to “get ‘r done” (sorry for the Larry the Cable Guy reference). 

I think that is an attitude the 2006 ECU team needs adopt and in a HURRY!  The UAB game this weekend is HUGE!  When all the experts and fans looked at the ECU schedule on paper at the beginning of the season, most people who predicted ECU to be successful probably thought the Conference USA games were the ones where ECU would find some “W’s”.  ECU beat UAB last year, so in order to get the ball rolling in 2006, the Pirates need to find a way to return from Alabama with a “W”. 

Here are three obstacles facing the Pirates this weekend:

1. ECU is 0-8 all time when playing football games in the state of Alabama, including 0-2 when playing UAB on the road.

2. ECU is 2-3 all time vs. UAB (snapping a 3 game losing streak to the Blazers with last years 31-23 win in Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium).

3. ECU is 1-6 on the road with Skip Holtz as Head Coach (The ECU lone road victory was the 24-17 win at SMU last year).

All the demons of Alabama can be removed with a win this Saturday, plus it sets ECU up for a nice run at Dowdy-Ficklen the next 5 games.  I believe the Pirates can taste victory this weekend but it won’t come easy.  I did not believe in ECU much last week heading into the Navy game, but they showed some signs that they are capable of winning, it’s just a matter of do they choose to “Refuse to Lose”.  Just of imagine instead of going three downs and out after two fumble recoveries at Navy, what would have happen if the Pirates would have scored once?

“Refuse to Lose”, that’s what I’m selling and buying with the Pirates this week in my first Miller Lite Lock.  Although I predicted against ECU last week and was burned, I’ll believe in them this week and say the Pirates (+7) win in an exciting overtime game 31-28.  My other two locks of the week are Wake Forest -19.5 vs. Duke and Texas -2.5 vs. Ohio State.

Now here are the other “Locks” from the rest of the “Miller Lite Sports Bar Whack Pack”:

Eddie King (2x Miller Lite Lock Champ)
Steelers-1 vs. Dolphins
Falcons +5 vs. Panthers
Bears -3.5 vs. Packers

Matt (
Jaguars -2.5 vs. Cowboys
Titans -2.5 vs. Jets
Bengals +2.5 vs. Chiefs

Lee “The Statman” (
New Mexico State +8.5 vs. New Mexico
Iowa -18.5 vs. Syracuse
Virginia -9 vs. Wyoming

Clip “The Beast” (Guest Bar Patron)
Wake Forest -19.5 vs. Duke
Broncos -3.5 vs. Rams
Chargers -3 vs. Raiders

Tony (Guest Bar Patron)
South Carolina +3.5 vs. Georgia
Falcons +5 vs. Panthers
Lions +6 vs. Seahawks

Until we greet you next week from the Miller Lite Sports Bar, have a great sports weekend, good luck and Go Pirates!

Jonathan Ellerbe