Miller Lite Locks
by Jonathan Ellerbe

In case you're just tuning in or logging on for the first time, let me get you up to speed.  Each and every Thursday night at 6 p.m. I host a show called The Miller Lite Sports Bar, where I have fans  from the local area on the radio and we discuss all the important issues like: sports, beer, gambling, sports, beer, gambling, well you get the point. 

In addition to having fans on the show expressing their opinion (which by no means reflects the views or values of station management or owners of Pirate Radio 1250 & 930), I have a couple of regular, colorful characters named AC Casey (Atlantic City Casey) and Eddie King (from the sportsbook and casino, that chime in on the gambling locks of the week from pro and college football.

Now that the college and pro football seasons are in full swing, our panel of “so-called” experts and I will provide listeners “Three Miller Lite Locks of the Week” every Thursday night.  So, from now until Super Bowl 40, tune in Thursday Nights at 6 p.m. for the Miller Lite Sports Bar or check out this column each Friday to see who really knows football or most importantly, football against the spread. 

Wow, all in one week's time, North Carolina gets a lottery and college football starts; I must be dreaming.  Here are your “Miller Lite Locks”:

Eddie King’s Locks:
Wake Forest -8 vs. Vanderbilt
UCF +22 @ South Carolina
Maryland -12 vs. Navy (in Baltimore)

AC Casey’s Locks:
*AC Casey only picks pro games and will begin next week

Ian The Animal's Locks:
Wake Forest -8 vs. Vanderbilt
ECU +3 vs. Duke
Va. Tech -3.5 @ NC State

Ellerbe’s Locks:
Illinois +2 vs. Rutgers
Hawaii +35.5 vs. USC
UL Lafayette +40.5 @ Texas

Next week The Miller Lite Sports Bar will be live at Hooters of Greenville, where I’ll have a pair of Panther/Saints club-level tickets, a $600 value, to give away. Have a great sports weekend!

Jonathan Ellerbe