The Rules of Wagering
by Jonathan Ellerbe

There are usually several rules to always remember when placing a wager on a football game:  (1) never bet any money that you can not afford to lose and (2) never bet for or against your team.  Both rules should be obvious rules to always follow but unfortunately these rules tend to get broken and leave many football fans broke and heart broken.

Which now brings me to my dilemma here in week one of the college football season.  My team for 31 years has been ECU.  The Pirates, like most teams have had their fair share of up and downs on the football field, but thru thick and thin I’ve stuck with them and seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  As I look at the closing number of Navy -12 this weekend, I have several issues to ponder with the dilemma I’m facing: (1) I should not even look at the spread anymore and should choose 3 other games for Miller Lite Locks and just go to Annapolis and enjoy the game and follow rule number two above (never bet for or against your team); (2) The fact ECU was 112 out of 119 college teams in run defense last year and Navy had the #1 running offense in the country with a 40 yard plus better per game average than National Champion Texas makes me cringe and say take Navy; (3)  However, ECU was also 8-3 ATS last year including a nice 4th quarter back door cover vs. Memphis with 20 seconds to go in the game (a game I was attending on the road and had written the game and cover off).

So, what to do?????????  

Unfortunately, I think Navy is too experienced and too good on the ground for the ECU defense and will win and cover the -12, let’s say 45-24.  Now I hope this is a HUGE Miller Lite Lock mistake and the Pirates not only cover but pull off the upset.  Now for my next two Miller Lite Locks I’ll be taking:  Texas -41.5 vs. North Texas (I love the big spreads with Texas early in the season) and finally I’ll take Georgia Tech plus the 6.5 points vs. Notre Dame (Georgia Tech knows how to get an early season upset done).

Now each week you can tune into the Miller Lite Sports Bar on Pirate Radio 1250 & 930 on Thursday nights at 6pm to hear the picks live or read about them here every Friday throughout the season.  I will have many contributors and guest pickers each week, including Eddie King (the back-to-back 2x Miller Lite Lock Champion), Matt from (offshore casino), Lee “The Statman” (Lee loves trends, email him at for a free trend) and many other local Miller Lite Sports Bar patrons.   Below are all the Miller Lite Locks for week one.  

Lee “The Statman”
BYU +6.5 vs. Arizona
Utah +5 vs. UCLA
Cal +1.5 vs. Tennessee

Tony (Guest Bar Patron)
ECU +12 vs. Navy
Houston -14 vs. Rice
Kentucky +23.5 vs. Louisville

Ben (Guest Bar Patron)
Alabama -17.5 vs. Hawaii
Utah +5 vs. UCLA
Miami (Fla) -3 vs. Fla. State

Clip (Guest Bar Patron)
South Carolina -6.5 vs. Mississippi State
Rutgers +5 vs. UNC
Ole Miss -2.5 vs. Memphis

Until we greet you next week from the Miller Lite Sports Bar, have a great sports weekend, good luck and Go Pirates!

Jonathan Ellerbe