ECU's Lack of Tradition? - Part 2
by Jonathan Ellerbe

I think it is time again for ECU to step up to the plate, literally!  About 6-8 months ago I wrote an article concerning the lack of tradition at East Carolina University athletic facilities, in particular Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium (click here to read).

May 23-27 the Conference USA Baseball Tournament will be hosted by ECU and as beautiful as Clark-LeClair Stadium is, it still seems very under dressed to host such an event. According to the ECU Baseball media guide, the Pirates have had: 21 NCAA Tournament Appearances, 22 Conference Championships (Regular Season & Tournament) and 1 NAIA National Championship. Yet I ask, where is that documented around the stadium?  Where are the pennants, banners, signs, etc. celebrating ECU's baseball history? Where are the pennants, banners, signs, etc. marketing ECU's current baseball team?  Where are the pennants, banners, signs, etc. marketing ECU's players in pro baseball or who played pro baseball?

If you can't market and promote your current and past teams at your own stadium to your core base of fans, then how do you expect to market and promote to the general public?  The Conference USA Tournament is the time to start for ECU to showcase itself as the place to be in CUSA!  You can't win 'em all but you sure can market yourself like you did!

Tradition and history are created on the field but tradition and history only live on if you preserve and market it to future generations of the Pirate Nation.  Step up ECU and be proud of your past and educate the Pirate Nation on where you've been and where you're going.  
Jonathan Ellerbe