A Tribute to Moms
by Coach Gary Overton

There were many individuals this past weekend delivering flowers, hugs, brunch, and general affection to Moms across the country. In honor of Mothers Day, millions of sons and daughters showed their love for many reasons, not the least of which was for allowing the opportunity to grow and pursue sports dreams.

Moms have helped many kids become athletes of all shapes and sizes. They have procured professionals and amateurs, runners and basketball players, golfers and tennis players, gymnasts and gym rats.

There are moms bringing home the bacon and then buying golf lessons for the kids just as there are stay at home moms who lend support when only love is needed.

There are single moms, traditional moms, working moms, military moms etc. With many of the moms, sport is the only common thread. For all of you we say thanks!

Thanks for lugging us to all those football practices, volleyball and soccer too.

Thanks for teaching us more about toughness than anyone ever could.

Thanks for leading by example, kissing all the boo-boos and for keeping us in line.

Thanks for keeping us focused on the books and athletics instead of the daily distractions which confront all young women and men.

Thanks for letting us and our friends play in the backyard for hours, even after a few balls had slammed into the side of the house.

Thanks for pushing us to play sports and for sitting through our youth league games and high school competitions in the rain or snow or humid heat.

Thanks for writing us while we were away at college and for asking about our day after yours lasted twelve hours or longer.

Thanks for telling us we’d regret it if you ever spotted us smoking anything other than a 3-1 fastball and for making us believe you really meant it.

Thanks for telling us the truth even when it was painful to hear.

Thanks for allowing us to be creative with all our newfangled games even though we had to use a household item to make the game work.

But most of all thanks for all you do and for You being You. Thanks to all Moms!

Coach Gary Overton