Behind The Scenes
by Coach Gary Overton

ECU has long had the most ardent of loyal, proud and passionate fans, even to the point of its fan base being called the strength of  Pirate athletics. As ECU supporters poured through the gates of beautiful Clark-LeClair stadium this past weekend fans may have only seen that which was being accomplished on the field of play. However, the roles of many individuals inside of athletic administration played a large part in the success of this tournament as well as other major sporting events.

It has been said management is the process by which key personnel provide leadership for an organization to function efficiently and effectively in achieving the goals for which the organization exists. People do not miraculously work together nor do they spontaneously band together and strive to accomplish common objectives.  ECU officials are certainly not lacking in quality when it comes to key personnel as officials and their respective staffs work very well together to specifically put on a first class event. Following are just a few of those quality individuals and their duties as seen at Clark-LeClair over the past week.

Assistant Athletic Director for Operations J.J. McLamb is responsible for the athletics department’s day-to-day operations including game day activities and special events while he also plans and schedules athletics facilities for competitions and practice. His staff of Mike Cherry and Joey Perry oversees student interns who serve as facility grounds staff and no one would argue the credibility of Joey Perry as it relates to athletic field maintenance. The hours for these guys are endless and the work is sometimes arduous but reaching that common goal and fulfilling responsibilities for the benefit of Pirate fans keep these guys going.

Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations Tom McClellan and his staff is responsible for the working environment within media relations and the publicity efforts of all 20 ECU intercollegiate sports. Tom serves as the primary contact for football while Jody Jones does the same for men’s basketball. Malcolm Gray handles the media coordinators job for women’s basketball and Rob Dunning the same for baseball. If only ECU fans could have seen the “class” environment put forth by these guys, and for anyone who questions it, just ask Will Kimmey of Baseball America or A.J. Carr of the News and Observer. These two old friends marveled at the treatment for media, the new complex, and the overall atmosphere created by the Sports Information office.  
Finally, Assistant Athletic Director for Tickets Scott Wetherbee and one of the longest tenured employees on athletic staff, ticket office assistant Faye Pass, who are the first to be seen upon entering any stadium on game day. They oversee student interns and ticket employees to ensure the comfort and ease of admission for all ECU ticket holders in addition to creating an efficient means of ticket distribution.

These are just a few of those who make attendance at Pirate athletic events more enjoyable so the next time you’re basking in the Clark-LeClair sun, screaming with the Minges Maniacs, or just enjoying football at Dowdy-Ficklen on a crisp fall afternoon, remember the people behind the scenes. But most of all, when you pass them at a game, give them a big Pirate “Thanks”.

Coach Gary Overton