Summer Session Nears Completion

by Eric Gilmore

I’m writing this article in physical pain. I have too much pride to go to the doctor. Maybe it’s the embarrassment factor. Don’t spend your day worrying about my well-being, not that I expected you to.

If I were to swallow my pride and visit an athletic trainer (they wouldn’t laugh as much), my injury report would read something like this: injury- strained thumbs, game status- 3 quarters. Fine, I’ll go ahead and admit it. I’m addicted to EA Sports NCAA 2006. Yeah, that video game.

Mid-July serves as an ongoing desert depriving me of my college football fix. This video game is my oasis. I can win the Heisman trophy, recruit, build ECU into a dynasty and beef up the out-of-conference schedule. Living through the screen, I can be Skip Holtz, Terry Holland and Chris Johnson rolled into one.

Hence the sore thumbs. Now that I have injured myself, I have no excuses about my last week of school work. Term papers loom and project deadlines are quickly approaching. The second summer session concludes classes on Friday.

Summer school used to be for those kids who didn’t do well during the regular semesters or those super-high overachievers. But school summer is a different animal than it used to be back in the day.

All I hear about is how my friends are making upwards of $10 an hour while I have to scrounge enough money of the couch to find a decent meal. It’s all relative, but $10 an hour is like winning the lottery for a college student. Other friends resemble bronze statues with their perfect tans. All I hear is Caribbean this and Hawaii that. My only rebuttal is that I get to listen to lectures for 3 hours per day.

It’s the same struggle all of the football players are going through. Obviously, they tend to be a little busy during the fall semester. It makes sense for them to get ahead of the general student population in order to maintain a decent GPA.

But I feel for them. The second summer session is the hardest time to take classes while still maintaining motivation. Your mind has been drained for an entire calendar year while taking classes.

With every other semester, students get a couple of weeks to recharge their batteries. The month of December helps clean the slate and reenergize from the fall to the spring semester. After the spring semester, students get 2 weeks before summer school commences.

Not with the second summer session. You don’t even get a full day off. Finals ended on a Wednesday and the new classes started on Thursday. Where was the break? There was no mercy.

It’s been inherent in student’s minds through traditional school schedules to be out of school during this time. Instead of getting to go to the pool, I spend my time in the library (at least I should). Instead of grabbing that nice tan by the pool, I have to do homework. Worst of all, most of the classes are offered so early that I have to get to bed at an embarrassing time in order to make to class.

Maybe it’s the longing for this 2-month process to be over. Maybe it’s the need for the Greenville hustle and bustle. Maybe it’s the need for football season to arrive. Maybe it’s the conclusion of these player and academic complications. Whatever it is, I want this session of school to be over.   

Send me some sympathy this week. I’ll be agonizing over final exams and term papers while you sit at the pool. All of this stress is getting to me. I need to go play NCAA 2006…err, I mean go study.

Eric Gilmore