Spring Air
Clouding People's Judgment

by Eric Gilmore

Maybe it's the scantily clad women catching sunbeams on Fifth St. Maybe it's this conference realignment thing. Or maybe it's just Britton Banowsky. Is the "Jackass of the Week Award" on Sportsline (Monday's @ 6pm on Pirate Radio 1250) possibly catching notoriety and people are vying for the award? I can't put my finger on it, but there has to be someone or something to blame for all these mistakes people are making.

Scanning over the past week, I came across the Conference USA football preview. Kudos for the "worldwide leader in sports" to scan each conference and give diehards like me a little bit of information. However, the majority of the names on the ECU preview were misspelled. Certainly, a 'no-no' in journalism.

The most disturbing aspect actually came from senior writer Pat Forde. Forde, who was recently promoted, used to be a specialist for Conference USA. Because he wrote out of Lexington, KY, Forde often sided with Louisville. It is understandable in the business because some people have bias and Louisville was one of the most consistent and dominant teams in C-USA.

Forde's third point in his "Three things to watch in C-USA" was asking if anyone will still pay attention to the league now that Louisville is gone. It is a realistic and a viable question. Forde's ironic lack of judgment actually fell in his MAC preview. Before it was changed the next day, Forde's third point was something to the effect of how is Marshall going to do without Bob Pruett.

Forde, being a senior writer, obviously hasn't paid much attention to C-USA after Louisville left. To Forde's defense, journalism is one of the very select professions where one is expected to be perfect.

Another case of absolutely poor judgment is Marquette president Robert Wild. Wild nixed last week to do away with the Golden Eagles moniker and replace it with Gold. The problem is that Wild ignored the overwhelming fan favorite of Warriors. Gold was not even one of the options that the faculty, students and even the Board of Trustees voted on.

How do you cheer for the Gold? Is their mascot going to be a huge gold nugget? There are some horrible nicknames and mascots in college sports, but this has to rank near the top. If only the Minges Maniacs could feast on this one.

What about all of these basketball transfers? Mike Cook decided ECU wasn't the place for him. Martin Iti, a highly recruited seven-footer, left Charlotte after two seasons. Southern Miss lost a talented rising sophomore. Tulsa coach Doug Wojick dropped two players from his squad. Why do all of these players believe it is worth sitting out a calendar year in order to find increased playing time?

The BCS never seems to disappoint in the lack-of-judgment category. Why does Notre Dame receive a million dollars for existing? Also, why does Louisville's storybook 2004 football season count for the Big East? Last time I checked, Louisville was in Conference USA in 2004.

Here's to hoping that a happy Mother's Day cured everyone's whacky judgment. If not, here's to lovely Fifth St.

Eric Gilmore