Depth Chartology

by Eric Gilmore

I just threw my bracket out the window. Stupid Michigan State. I, at least can brag that I held onto mine a little longer than some folks. Kevin Monroe. Nevertheless, it's out the window just like everybody else with more pen marks than highlights.

The problem is that I still have the itch to predict the future. Then, when I got fed up of the NCAA tournament and this UNC love fest (the Villanova player didn't travel), I thought of what any rational ECU fan would have. Football season. Skip Holtz probably spent the entire weekend in his 'war room' writing, rewriting and erasing names on a whiteboard with his fellow coaches.

Rarely ever being right, I thought that I could play Skip Holtz. I have to admit that I'm going into this little scenario like most of your wives go into the NCAA tournament, completely blind. I haven't watched the team enough in the first six practices to call myself an informed observer. Even so, I need to redeem myself. I just hope it doesn't go out the window too.

*Note: Skip Holtz is disregarding players that are injured or not yet eligible. The depth chart is based solely on players that have played in the first six practices.

QB- Patrick Pinkney     DE- Shaunte Hunt
    Devon Drew              Mike MacDonagh

FB- Jermarcus Veal      DT- Brandon Setzer
    Jason Pender            Mike Horner

RB- Chris Johnson       NG- Dontre Brown
    Robert Tillman          Fred Hicks

WR- Kevin Roach         DE- Mark Robinson
    Bryson Bowling          Lorenza Pickett

WR- Aundrae Allison    OLB- Pierre Bell
    Brian Howard            Durwin Lamb

TE- Sean Harmon        MLB- Chris Moore
    Jay Sonnhalter          Dashaun Stephens

OG- Eric Graham        OLB- Richard Koonce
    Thomas Wingebach        Pierre Parker

OT- Chris Sellars       CB- Erode Jean
    Josh Coffman            Markeith McQueen

 C- Drew Sutton         SS- Jamar Flournoy
    Mike Williams           Kyle Chase

OT- Gary Freeman        FS- Zach Baker
    Paul Walsh              Tommie Bradley

OG- Trey Magee          CB- Travis Williams
    Matt Butler             Demetrius Hodges

I'm just hoping for more highlights than pen marks. See you on the first scrimmage on April 1.

Eric Gilmore