The Extra Point
Returns for Season Two

by Dan Eberhard

Local experts say it’s the biggest announcement of the fall season.  No new coach or new chain restaurant on Greenville Boulevard has ever generated this much excitement in anticipation of its debut. THE EXTRA POINT returns for season two!

More coverage, more interviews and bigger names are on tap for the fall of 2005.  The show is so highly regarded amongst the Pirate Radio 1250 family that Troy and Jonathan have agreed to give The Extra Point its very own time slot in the weekly lineup.  No longer will you have to wake up at 3 a.m. to hear Brock Letchworth and Dan Eberhard share their thoughts on the status of the nation.  After achieving unprecedented ratings in season one, the duo can now be heard every Friday from 6-7 p.m.

“This is why I put in those long hours cleaning the Pirate Radio bathrooms,” said Letchworth.  “It’s finally paid off.  A real show that real people will listen to.”

Letchworth and Eberhard have been on the ball all summer reporting on everything from co-ed twister to East Carolina’s summer football workouts.  The duo is very excited to get back into the studio for the upcoming fall season.

The show promises to live up to the hype with a spectacular debut.  On Friday new ECU Defensive Coordinator Greg Hudson talks about what it will take to turn around the Pirate defense. The Extra Point will also preview the high school football season, which kicks off in one week. 

Each Friday night this fall the show will feature a preview of area high school football games as well as in-depth analysis of ECU’s upcoming game and much more.

“It almost feels like coming back for the first day of school,” said Eberhard.  “Except, I usually skipped that day.” 

No need to worry.  Brock and Dan both promise to be in attendance on Friday, August 12 for the season premier of The Extra Point.

Dan Eberhard