Pacman Gobbled Up by NFL

by Chris Stansbury

The National Football League is the best major sports league, bar none.  

Teams in small market cities like Pittsburgh and Kansas City are competitive through profit sharing.  Hell, the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year. 

NFL officials seem to have the best interest of the fans when making league decisions.  Maybe one exception is the ridiculous nature of forcing people to buy pre-season and playoff tickets to become season ticket holders.  Look at the five yard contact rule for defenders or even instant replay.

Another reason the NFL reigns supreme, the commissioner is in charge and is not afraid to drop the hammer.  Tuesday, new commish Roger Godell suspended the Tennessee Titans Adam "Pacman" Jones for the entire season and Cincinnati's Chris Henry for the first eight games. 

Some critics say the league waited too long to act.  Come on, Godell has been the boss for seven months, and I think he has made his statement loud and clear. 

Pacman has had 10 different run-ins with the police, the latest involving Jones carrying around $81,000 to a strip club which led to a shooting in Vegas and one person paralyzed.

Henry was arrested four times in 14 months and was among nine Cincinnati Bengals locked up in the last nine months. 

Godell not only said these guys violated the "personal conduct policy" put in place by the NFL, but he also said this is your last chance to straighten up.  "Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right," said Godell.  That means, I don't have to let you play in my league.

The NFL and Godell are followed by the NBA and commissioner David Stern.  Keep in mind, I can't stand watching most NBA games because it's no longer about a team, it's all about the individual.  That being said, you have to credit Stern in some cases.  He almost seems to enjoy suspending a big named player like Kobe Bryant or Carmelo Anthony. 

Baseball is a joke, Bud (or Bud Light) Selig can't figure how to break an All-Star game tie or just clean up the sport without ending up in the principal's office (aka Congress). 

And forget about the NHL.  I am a huge hockey fan, but if the average person on the street couldn't tell you Sidney Crosby is a Pittsburgh Penguin and not Bing Crosby's grandson, you don't get to play in this conversation. 

From Pete Rozell to Paul Tagliabue to Roger Godell, the NFL's commissioner is in charge.  And I for one like it.
Chris Stansbury