Player Profile: Phillip Henry
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by Clip Brock

In 2004, Phillip Henry and I had something in common.  We were just a couple of ordinary students on the campus of East Carolina.  Both of us went to class.  Both of us studied.  Neither one of us was a member of the Pirate football team.  A year later he was ECU's third leading receiver with 28 catches for 428 yards as a walk-on.  So much for us having something in common.  The Phillip Henry story is a great one.  He transferred from ElizabethCityState to East Carolina as a freshman.  After making the team as a sophomore, the 6 foot, 180 lb. receiver played in all 11 of ECU's games, starting in eight contests.  Last season Henry improved as a junior, hauling in 34 passes for 484 yards and two scores.  Henry is now ready for a stand out senior campaign.  Phillip joined us to talk football, movies, and Beyonce.

Pirate Radio: How old were you when you knew you wanted to play college football? 

Phillip Henry:  I started playing so young.  I'd probably say middle school.  I realized I wanted to play on another level.  I played basketball too so it was a last minute decision when it came to that.

PR: Who were your favorite teams and athletes growing up?

Henry:  My favorite athlete was Deion Sanders.  My favorite team was the 49ers.  I liked Jerry Rice too.

PR:  Deion?  You are a receiver though.  Did you want to play corner or did your hands make you play receiver?

Henry:  Yeah I used to play corner up until 11th grade, then I moved to wide receiver.  Deion was my favorite player then and I've seen him play some wide receiver too so it was alright.

PR:  I know you want to win them all, but is there one team on the schedule you play year in and year out you want to beat more than others?

Henry:  I guess any of the North Carolina teams we play against.  NC State.  This year we're going to play Carolina.  That will be a good team.  My brother went there, so   Carolina would probably be the one for me.

PR:  If you could play another sport at ECU, what sport would you play?

Henry:  Probably basketball.  Point guard.

PR:  What nicknames has your family or teammates given you?

Henry:  The boys around here call me Pacman.  I guess because I'm number 32 or whatever but.

PR:  That's not a good name to have right now.

Henry:  (Laughs) I know right now it's not a good name.  It's just a name that's been passed down.

PR:  What's in your CD player right now?

Henry:  I got the Young Buck album from G-Unit.

PR:  What TV shows are you watching at night?

Henry:  I like all the basic shows.  "I love New York" and Flava Flav's show.  Stuff like that.

PR:  What are you favorite movies?

Henry:  Well old school I like "The Five Heartbeats" and "The Usual Suspects"  but the best movie I've probably seen lately was when we went and saw "300". 

PR:  That would be a good movie to watch before a game and get you guys fired up.

Henry:  I know.  It's good teamwork in "300".  It shows everybody working as a team.

PR:  Who is the funniest guy in the locker room that keeps you guys loose?

Henry:  Oh man, I might be up there at the top for the funniest.  But besides me, probably Travis Williams.  He keeps us laughing.

PR:  You are having dinner tonight and you can invite any 3 people, past or present.  Who are you inviting?

Henry:  Oh I got to have Beyonce there with me.  I probably want Deion Sanders to come.  And probably somebody like Stevie Wonder. 

PR:  You aren't worried Deion make take Beyonce from you?

Henry:  Nah I'm not worried.  Well I don't know he might take her from me.  I don't know though.  If I get a chance I think I'm going to get her.

PR:  What's the best part about being an East Carolina Pirate?

Henry:  Just being able to come out and play in front of these fans.  The Pirate Nation is really good group of fans, the best fans I've ever been around.  And just being around people that I know enjoy watching me play.  My family, things like that.  And coming out of that tunnel.  That's probably the best thing. 

Clip Brock