Be Careful What You Wish For
by Billy Weaver

I always tell my kids to learn from their mistakes but more importantly to learn from the mistakes of others. East Carolina University should take that advice and run with it.

Pirate administrators and fans need to take a hard look at what's going in nearby Raleigh as North Carolina State continues to struggle to find someone to lead the men's basketball program. N.C. State fans plain and simply ran Herb Sendek out of town and it's bitten the Wolfpack right in the rear end!

Despite 10 sucessful seasons in Raleigh winning 191 games and leading the Wolfpack to five consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances, Sendek was always on the "hot seat" according to Wolfpack fans. Instead of being happy that they were always in the hunt N.C. State supporters felt that nothing less than another NCAA title would do. State fans compromised the entire future of their program by living in the past and here's why.

Since Sendek resigned to take over the reigns of a struggling Arizona State program at least four prominent head coaches have told N.C. State Athletics Director Lee Fowler thanks but no thanks... And that's after being offered upwards of two million dollars a year. The bottom line is that money isn't always what will lure a great coach to your institution. The coaching fraternity is a small and tight group. Coaches the likes of John Calipari, Rick Barnes, John Beilein and Steve Lavin all know and respect Sendek and know how he was treated by the State fans despite consistently putting a winning product on the floor. Why in the world would any of those coaches want to take a job where anything less than a national championship will get you run out of town?

Now N.C. State finds itself in one heck of a predicament. There's even been a rumor floating around that Fowler has entertained the thought of hiring former Tar Heel and current New York Knicks assistant coach Phil Ford. And we thought the Wolfpack Nation was unhappy with Sendek? You wait to see how long it takes for Packbackers to run a Tar Heel out of town.

Just remember, be careful what you wish for... it just might come true. Right now many of the same Wolfpack fans that have spent the past few years calling for Sendek's head are wishing they had been a little less vocal.

And for all us ECU fans, let's learn from the mistakes of our rivals from the West and think twice when we call for the one our own to "Walk the Plank!"

Billy Weaver