Online AD

by Billy Weaver

The mark of a good Division One Athletics Director lies partly in his ability to connect with his school's fan base. ECU Athletics Director Terry Holland has done that and much more.

From time to time Holland will use the school's athletics website,, to send out general thoughts to the Pirate Nation. In his latest edition of "From The Desk Of Terry Holland" the savvy former collegiate basketball player and coach does his best to rally the troops. An effort to get ECU fans behind the Pirate men's basketball team.

Let's just say the old fox hit another home run!

Following ECU's disappointing loss to UCF at home on Wednesday night, the team's fifth consecutive loss, I was one of the many Pirate supporters disgusted by yet another lackluster performance. After reading Holland's "State of the Pirates" letter, I feel much better about the direction of the ECU men's basketball program. Granted, I'm still frustrated. But it was refreshing to see that Holland is in the same boat as the rest of us. I loved the part where he says "So please join me in mourning (and even cussin') each loss but let's be ready when the horn sounds for the next chance to kick some butt! OUR TIME WILL COME and it is not as far away as it may seem."

That's priceless!

Some ECU fans take exception to Holland's letters. Those opposed to them feel that a school's Athletics Director shouldn't have to "defend" his athletic programs or the recent changes made under his leadership.

I don't think it's a case of Holland having to "defend" himself rather than it being his way of connecting with ECU supporters. In this day and age, a school's A.D. needs to be in the fast lane on the "information super highway" or become in danger of being left on the side of the road. It just makes sense. If you have ever met Terry Holland in person you know that he is very approachable man and eager to answer any questions about the program to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, Holland is unable to meet personally with each and every Pirate fan so the internet is his way of chatting with the people that support the teams.

The bottom line is that Terry Holland will shy away from nobody and no subject is off limits. I admire that in a Director of Athletics and that's the kind of man I want at the helm of the Pirate ship.

Billy Weaver