Shirley, You Can't Be Serious!
by Brian North

It was a stellar weekend for Farmville High School's girls basketball team. The Lady Jaguars won a dramatic 56-55 2-A State Championship game over Salisbury Saturday March 11th. The winning margin came when freshman Crystal Smith scored as time expired in overtime. It was a thrilling moment made even more memorable by the call of Pirate Radio's own Shirley Rhodes.

If you haven't heard Rhodes' call of the final play of the game, then you missed an unadulterated impassioned moment that will go down in radio history with such classics as "The Giants win the pennant!!!" and  "Havlicek stole the ball!!!"

Shirley is not in the normal rotation of Pirate Radio play by play announcers, but her call was descriptive enough, and filled with passion, and it caught the moment perfectly. "Zullo to Crystal Smith, she scores, and FARMVILLE WINS!!! FARMVILLE WINS!!! FARMVILLE WINS!!!" is an instant classic. The Farmville Grad was as thrilled as anyone on the team that won it's first state championship. It was a crowning moment for the school's all time best player Megan Zullo and her twin sister Kim. And it was also a wonderful moment for a team that had lost in the state championship game twice, both times in heart breaking fashion.

I know many people are giving Shirley a hard time for her high octave rendition of the game winner, but I, for one, found it endearing and honest. Keep it up Shirley, sports needs more people with your enthusiasm and passion. And congratulations to the Farmville girls for a memory that will last a lifetime, especially with Rhodes' sound track to go along with it. Lets hope we see more of this March Madness in the NCAA Tournament.

Brian North