New Year's Resolutions
by Brian North

It's the start of a new year, so it's time to make those resolutions that are supposed to make your life better. So, here are my resolutions for 2007:

*Let's get the obvious out of the way. Lose weight, eat healthier, watch less TV, spend more time with loved ones, give more time to charities, and treat everyone with respect, including those horrible drivers who make me angry.

*Enjoy every conversation with Skip Holtz & Terry Holland that I can. I don't expect either to be in Greenville forever, so I would like to soak up as much of their wisdom and knowledge as possible before they leave.

*Thank Steve Logan the next time I see him. He was a fun coach to interview, you always had to be prepared or he would call you out. His intelligence on all subject matters was astounding, and his insight was always enlightening. And now that he is back in coaching at Boston College I look forward to seeing his innovative play calling.

*Try and find the silver linings of the ECU basketball program. Yes they are struggling, but Jeremy Ingram is a pleasure to be around, and when healthy, fun to watch. The young players like John Fields, Gabe Blair, and John Dillard should improve and be good/great players (providing they stay all four years) and could be the foundation for the programs resurrection.

*Listen to more Pirate Radio.

*Watch as many baseball games in person as possible, especially on those beautiful North Carolina afternoons and evenings. Watching games at great venues like Clark-LeClair Stadium in Greenville and Grainger Stadium in Kinston are worth the price of admission. And as always, I will try to add two new major league ballparks to my list of professional areas attended.

*Go to the College World Series (it would be nice if ECU made it there too, so I could have work pay for the trip).

*Listen to the life stories of elders who we take for granted. We live in a history rich area in Eastern North Carolina filled with war veterans, former athletes of all calibers, and people who have seen and done more than I ever will. It would be a shame if those stories went untold to the younger generations who think they are inventing everything. History is a great thing to learn, and those who don't learn from the past, are doomed to repeat its failures.

*Run in a race. It will probably only be a 5K not a marathon, but I have to take baby steps. The annual ALS walk in Greenville would also be a good thing to participate in to get some exercise and donate to a great cause.

*Enjoy each and every day of 2007, and not let one go by without taking a moment to smell the roses, watch the sunset, and thank my lucky stars I live in such a great part of our wonderful country.

Happy New Year everyone, and see you at the games!

Brian North