No More Mr. Nice Guy
by Brian Meador

I enjoy writing articles for Pirate Radio. I often write fluffy-type stuff because I love what I do. Covering sports for a living is a blessing and more often than not the topics to write about are positive, but today I break that streak, and here's a negative article: My list of the Top 10 most difficult interviews I've had in 10 years of sports reporting.

The people who made my list might be great individuals who've done enormous amounts of good in their lives. They might even be on somebody's top 10 list of great interviews. I don't care. For whatever reason these 10 people were difficult or just plain jerks when I stuck a microphone in their faces so they made my list. I hope you enjoy the negativity!

10. Emmitt Smith, RB Dallas Cowboys (ret.) -

As a Cowboy fan it pains me to write this. Emmitt was smug when I interviewed him at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Classic a few years ago in Greenville. His answers were decent but as soon as the camera turned off, the smile was gone and so was his charm. Maybe he was having a bad day. I hope so.

9. Scott Harley, RB ECU Pirates ('95-'96) -

Pirate fans don't jump me just yet. I like Scott. Always have. He'll probably give me a beat down for putting his name on this list but the fact remains, he hated doing interviews. He didn't like cameras and microphones in his face and he didn't mind showing it. His "shoot from the hip" short answers are great for bar talk, not for television. Good guy though!

8. Ademola Okulaja, UNC Basketball ('95-'99) -

I thought  he was going to set a whine record even for a Tar Heel after UNC's loss to Duke in the '99 ACC Tournament. If it wasn't the officials, it was dirty play or some other nonsense. Never mind that Duke just whipped them by 17.

7. Tim Duncan, Wake Forest Basketball ('93-'97) -

Some say he has a dry sense of humor, others say he has a brick wall for a personality. I call it being difficult. His one word answers to questions are tired and it makes everybody's job more difficult and it makes him look like a putz. He was a terrible interview every single time we talked to him.

6. Chris Scelfo, Tulane Football coach ('98-present) -

It's a football standard that the visiting team "walks through" the away field on Fridays before the game. Usually coaches give interviews. Not Scelfo. This guy is so paranoid that he won't let the local media even shoot the team's "walk through", let alone give interviews. He kicked us out of our own field, Dowdy Ficklen Stadium, and was flippant about it.

5. Joe Morgan, MLB Hall of famer -

Big disappointment. He was rude during his visit to the Jordan Classic. Here is a guy now making a living in the media and yet he still spoke condescendingly to us when we tried to interview him.

4. Stuart Scott, ESPN -

What an ego on this guy. If his head gets any bigger, the Earth will go into orbit around it. His haughty opinion of himself is unfounded considering some of us still remember his average news reporting on WRAL.

3. Bob Huggins, UC Basketball coach ('89-'05) -

A dark cloud follows this guy. Even his own people walk on egg shells around him. He finds post game interviews to be a waste of his time. Sorry to inconvenience you, Coach!

2. Barry Bonds, MLB Pirates/Giants ('86-current) -

Truth be told, Brian Bailey actually interviewed Bonds but he big-timed Brian. Bonds is really the mega-jerk we've all read and heard about over the years. I got your back, B!

1. Reggie Jackson, MLB Hall of famer -

To say this guy is a narcissist is an understatement. To say this guy is smug is an understatement. He was a jerk to the media and the fans at the ONLY Jordan Classic he was ever invited to. I watched him bring a young boy to tears because he was offended that the kid ran past a rope to get an autograph. I asked him on camera what the Jordan Classic meant to him and his response was stunning. "Well, you certainly can't work on your golf game with all these distractions. I was told they would be kept back." I guess he did't realize that fans tend to seek out autographs from celebrities at CHARITY EVENTS! Jerk.

There you go. A negative article. I hope you're happy! Now I'm depressed. Next week I'm going to do my top 10 best interviews so I'll feel better!

Brian Meador