Fox Back In The Hunt
by Brian Meador

Demarcus Fox has made a few mistakes. Many football players make mistakes along the way. It's how they bounce back from those mistakes that make them as men (see Richard Alston).

Fox was a tremendous talent coming out of D.H. Conley back in 2001, so we in the local media were excited when he chose to stay in Greenville to play football for the Pirates.  I remember how big his eyes got as he walked through the doors of Scott Hall when the freshmen reported to campus.  He was on cloud nine about being a Pirate.  Then  coach Steve Logan chose to activate him after seeing his blinding speed in practice.  Fox had three solid years as a receiver and kick returner before returning for his senior year in 2004.  That's when Fox got caught making a mistake. His career at ECU was done.

For the last couple of years Fox has dreamed about getting back on the football field.  He knew he had been running with the wrong crowd before he left ECU and he had forgotten about the love of the game. "The love of the game. Yeah. For a while I got out of character. I just want to get back out there and smell the grass and carry the pigskin." Fox said Saturday night before he strapped up the pads.

Fox is getting another chance to play football. He's now the starting running back for the Carolina Stallions. A semi-pro team in the United Football League based out of Rocky Mount.  The crowds are more like 40 instead of 40,000. The coaches volunteer. The players, mostly former high schoolers from Nash County range in age from 18-29.  Fox is the only Division One player on the roster and he knows it's a modest step at best.  But it's a step in the right direction.

"I've been waiting 2 years for this." Fox said. " To get back out with the guys, I mean, they gave me a chance and why not?"  Fox says he knows he's a long shot to make it to the next level. "The NFL would be great, the CFL, anything at the next level but for now I'm going to hone my skills here and enjoy the game again."

Fox rushed for 150 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries in his UFL debut.  Carolina lost the game 32-27 but Fox knows he has 12 more games to play this season saying "Who knows?  The sky's the limit!"

Brian Meador
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