Helmet Laws
Are For The Knuckleheads
by Brian Meador

Motorcycle helmet laws are for the knuckleheads out there who are not smart enough to know to wear them. Steelers quarterback Ben Roesthlisberger qualifies as a knucklehead. Currently, 46 states have some sort of helmet law including Pennsylvania. So why was Big Ben not wearing a helmet? Because the lawmakers in Pennsylvania want to have it both ways. You don't have to wear a helmet if you've been riding for more than two years or if you've completed a motorcycle safety course. Brilliant.

I ride motorcycles. In fact I have a sport bike much like Roethlisberger's. I would never get on one without a helmet, law or no law. Funny that a guy who is smart enough to know to wear a helmet to play football wouldn't wear one on a motorcycle. Maybe he wouldn't wear his football helmet if not for the NFL rule. I'm sure after he got his bell rung by Ray Lewis, he'd wear one.

I wonder if after the seven hours of surgery, after losing several teeth, after fracturing his left sinus cavity bone, after suffering a nine-inch cut on the back of his head, after a broken jaw, and don't forget his face looks like somebody shoved it in a blender....I wonder if now Roethlisberger gets the message.

It's a fact that most motorcycle accidents occur when cars travelling in the opposite direction turn in front of the motorcycle. The rider is thrown into the car...HEAD first. Anybody who has taken a motorcycle safety course would know this. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would ride a motorcycle without a helmet. I don't have a problem with athletes riding motorcycles even though there are stipulations in most of their contracts prohibiting it.

It's funny that the one thing the helmet protects in a crash is the one thing these knuckleheads choose not to use when they get on a motocycle without one, their heads.

Brian Meador
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