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Thanks for sending us your comments on the New Pee Dee!

From PEE DEE to CREE PEE! There is just something about that slumping outfit with the big head that makes me wish that the ECU athletics department had put out a referendum on the change of face and pace...
-Kevin M. Marshburn

You got to be kidding...this thing looks like a cross between a politician, a used car salesman and a child predator.  Someone needs to deep six him.
-Hal Medlin

The New Pee Dee sucks, and he has been disturbing my dreams since his appearance at Homecoming. I just can't get over those teeth. And with a smile that big, he looks as if his name should be Priscilla the Pirate instead of Pee Dee.
-Sharonda Buck

It looks like he is celebrating our new dental school.
-Tommy Clayton

Troy and team, when me and my son first saw the "NEW AND IMPROVED" Pee Dee at the game, i was a little surprised.  I was so used to the old Pee Dee that this new one didn't seem to look "normal", but i noticed my son's excitement as well as all his friends.  So i asked "Why the excitement" and they said Pee Dee now looks tough, like a hero, instead of looking sad.  I didn't pay much attention to it but after the game back at the tailgate i would say out of the 20 kids we had around, EVERYONE of them LOVED the new Pee Dee.  Us older Pirates didn't really at first, but as we were taking we realized Pee Dee is for the young.  Those kids even wanted action figures of the new Pee Dee.  So me accepting change is sometimes slow but the kids just loved the new Pee Dee so I might as well jump on board too.  He has an edge to him now that he didn't have.  A little more intimidating.  I'll agree with Jonathan on this one.  Lets take the new Pee Dee in and enjoy, time will help.  The constant negative mood we sense from you about this is getting old.  It seems you are trying to rock the boat.  Don't throw the new Pee Dee overboard!   LOL, enjoy the new smile.  Lots of kids do.
-Alan Tripp

The new Pee Dee sucks. He looks like he hangs out in the bath houses in France.

-Jason Naumuk

Keep Old Peedee, New Peedee looks as though he as been drinking too much with his red face.

-Bobby Woodward

Bring back the old Pee Dee!!!!!!!!!.

I took my 2 year granddaughter to her first game on Saturday.  She will be the 4th in my family to attend ECU, I hope, unless our new mascot has caused her to like the Deacon or the Devil better than the Pirate.  When we saw the change, my granddaughter did not know who this character was.  She kept saying.. "That's not Pee Dee"!  I am not sure for the reason behind the change but I do not agree with the change.  I do not want Sponge Bob's friend "smiling Pee Dee" to be our mascot. I have heard that our mascot does not have market appeal or is not authentic enough.  I really don't care.

I am not a huge giver to the University but I have been a loyal donor and supporter of the Pirates over the years. I am a Pirate Club member, but I do not like the change.  Why do "those individuals in decision making positions" want to change the old Pee Dee?  Yes, his uniform needed some sprucing up and the pirate's head some cleaning. However, I WILL BE one of the first to contribute money to spruce up and/or buy a new Pee Dee costume of the same design and style that Pee Dee has worn for so many years.  The alumni will support the University and/or Athletic Department IF they would ask.  They just didn't ask. 

Tell me where to mail my check to get the old Pee Dee back!  I will put my money where my mouth is and so will other Pirate fans!!!

I have to listen to you on line since I live in western NC!  Keep up the great work that you do for those of us who live outside your broadcast signal area.

-Steve Demiter ' 72, '73

I really do not like the new Pee Dee.  I think the teeth are a little over the top.  Perhaps as a temporary replacement it will be fine, but not a permanent fixture on the sidelines.  I think it will be something that other schools can use as fodder against the Pirates.  We need a stronger/meaner looking Pirate.  Not a walking dental advertisement.

-Jay Noble

The biggest things about the new PeeDee and the old PeeDee are the skin color and the Nancy Kerigan teeth. If they can tone those down a bit I think he will be more acceptable. But I am fine with the new PeeDee as is.

-Leonard Mansfield

The new peedee is AWFUL, who in the hell decided to make a change?

-Tommy Clayton

I like the new Pee Dee.  Now I will admit that the skin tone needs work though!

-Jeffrey A. Polaski

I'm a very proud ECU alum (BS '03 & MBA '05) who loves coming back to visit Greenville and ECU.  I attended Homecoming weekend and had a wonderful time.  As always, the campus, weather, activities, cleanliness, and the Greenville southern charm - were all perfect.  I even proposed to my girlfriend of four years (also an ECU alum) on the beautiful grassy campus mall late Friday afternoon.  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

My only concern is the 'new face' of Pee Dee, which I noticed during the football game.  My girlfriend and I were very upset with the mascot's 'new look' and I heard similar disgust from other fans sitting around us in the stands.  The face and smile were so cheesy.  Pee Dee looks absolutely horrible! Please help to bring the traditional Pee Dee back.  He's the symbol of ECU who everyone knows and loves.
 Thank you.
-Heath Courtright

I know you've heard from hundreds but my family including my 8 and 10 yr  old sons wanted to voice our opinion. We were embarrassed for a university with a great art dept. to redesign Pee Dee to have a Chucky-like sadistic grin, wearing a smoking jacket, and a sun burn. I think Lee Workman said yesterday that he and the committee was pleased with the redesign. Please keep fighting the good fight to bury this new Pee Dee. New Coke died quickly and so can our new Pee Dee. If he returns for the UTEP game we may storm the field BEFORE the game starts!
-Les Thomas (Class of 1990)

The old Peedee looked awesome.  The new Peedee looks kind of scary.  I mean if I was a kid, I'd be terrified of him.  Why couldn't they just make the old Peedee a newer costume, but the same look?

-Joel Jackson

Why not put the official ECU Pirate head that's on ECU athletic literature and on the 50 yard line at
Dowdy-Ficklen on the mascot. What more could be appropriate that the official Pirate that represents the university? Certainly it would be more appropriate that a PINK Pirate with a **** eating grin on  his face.
-George Rhodes

I much prefer the old Pee Dee. The new one is embarrassing.

-Richard Hudson (ECU grad alum 79 and 84)

As far as the new mascot is concerned, put me down as a vote against.  My favorite comment is that it is the "New Coke" of mascots - it wasn't broke but we fixed it and the new one is no where as good as the old one.

-Sideny Rabon