To The Pirate Nation:

As many of you have already heard or read, there are some new wrinkles in the radio coverage for East Carolina University Athletics this year.  ISP Sports and East Carolina University have chosen not to have Pirate Radio 1250 & 930 as a radio affiliate for football, basketball & baseball. 

Are we disappointed?  Yes.  Are we devastated?  No.

For 3 years we have been dedicated to putting East Carolina University Athletics FIRST!  In August of 2003, Pirate Radio 1250 was born and ready to fill a huge void in this radio market.  The game plan was simple:  (1) Run a successful business, (2) Provide an outlet to positively market and promote the University we both graduated from & (3) Give back to the local community we live in and love. 

Although there were many doubters and critics who said “AM” radio would never work here, we have always known there was a need for Pirate Radio for both East Carolina University and this community.  Pirate Radio has been able to grow from one station to two in less than three years (Pirate Radio 930 launched in August 2005), all in the same time period where it seems ECU has had some of its toughest years on and off the field.  Through thick and thin, Pirate Radio has ALWAYS put East Carolina University FIRST, even when many other opportunities have come calling.  We have always felt providing ECU with coverage and promotion above and beyond the call of duty, 365 days a year for close to three years has been a positive partnership during many negative times. 

Although ISP Sports and East Carolina University made the decision to end our partnership, it does not mean we will pack up our bags or turn our backs on ECU.  Pirate Radio will continue to provide the Pirate Nation with a true outlet for the best coverage everyday of ECU Athletics and a place to voice your opinions.  We’ve already been hard at work for months working on our football programming and will be excited to announce that lineup very soon!

As we have said many times on our airwaves, “It’s tough to be a Pirate!”   But as TRUE Pirates who bleed purple and gold, we vow to finish what we started and will not let adversity slow us down or divert us from accomplishing our goals!  

In closing, we would like to thank you, "The Pirate Nation!”  As we get ready to launch our fourth year in August, The Pirate Nation has been awesome and defined the true meaning of “Pirates Supporting Pirates!”   Whether you advertise, listen, have a decal on your car, or wear a hat or T-shirt, words can not begin to show our appreciation and gratitude for YOU!  Pirate Radio’s future is bright thanks to the support of the greatest nation, “The Pirate Nation”, and we only look to get bigger, better & stronger with you!

Troy Dreyfus & Jonathan Ellerbe
Managing Partners of Pirate Media Group, LLC

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