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Pirate Radio Hot Audio

Igoe talked ECU fall baseball with Assistant Baseball Coach, Jeff Palumbo on "Hoist The Colours".
Troy D & Ellerbe talked ECU football with NFL and ECU great, Terrance Copper on "Live @ Five".
Jeff talked to Tommy Eason, Head Baseball Coach for PCC, about going into the ECU HOF and coaching Cleveland Indian right fielder, Lonnie Chisenhall on "From the Booth"
Troy D & Ellerbe talked NFL football with Mike Tirico from NBC Sports on "Live @ Five".
Troy, Brian and Billy gave their ECU-UCONN predictions on "The Press Box".
Clip talked Pitt County high school football with the Daily Reflector's Jordan Anders on "The Sports Bar".
Brian talked Pirate baseball with ECU Head Baseball Coach, Cliff Godwin on "The Brian Bailey Show".
The guys replayed the Dr. Wham Big Calls of the 5th Quarter for ECU vs. Cincinnati on "Live @ Five".
Listen to Coach Scottie Montgomery's game week press conference for ECU vs. UCONN.
Listen to the "U.S. Cellular 5th Quarter Call-In Show" for ECU vs. Cincinnati.
Listen to the 2nd half of Pirate Radio's play-by-play coverage of the DH Conley Game of the Week against Eastern Wayne here.
Listen to the 1st half of Pirate Radio's play-by-play coverage of the DH Conley Game of the Week against Eastern Wayne here.
Troy D & Ellerbe gave an ECU Football Practice Report on "Live @ Five".
Kevin Monroe of the Pirate IMG Sports Radio Network talked ECU football with the guys on "Live @ Five".
Todd Berry, the executive director of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), joined Jeff Charles on "From the Booth"
American Athletic Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco joined Troy D & Ellerbe to talk about Big 12 expansion and the future of the AAC.
Troy, Brian and Billy gave their ECU-Cincinnati predictions on "The Press Box".

Pirate Radio Hot Pics

Hurricane Matthew Flooding In Greenville
October 13, 2016
PR Tailgate For ECU-UCF
October 1, 2016
The PR Paparazzi @ ECU-NCSU
September 10, 2016
Coach Mo South Florida Presser
October 3, 2016
ECU Basketball Media Day 2016
September 29, 2016
PR Tailgate For ECU-NCSU
September 10, 2016
The PR Paparazzi @ ECU-UCF
October 1, 2016
Coach Mo VA Tech Press Conference
September 19, 2016
Coach Mo NCSU Press Conference
September 5, 2016